Coral Reef Room at Sexy Fish

Not having yet had the opportunity to visit and sample the visionary and culinary delights of Sexy Fish, it is fair to say we were very excited to be invited to an evening in the Coral Reef Room. 

Not that Sexy Fish requires any introduction or explanation as only those having either lived in solitary confinement for the last year or on a desert island with no access to any form of social media will know it is the latest venture from Caprice Holdings.

Sexy Fish opened just over two months ago to mixed reviews. The Asian-inspired menu with a strong focus on seafood seems to divide many food and restaurant critics. The one aspect most people seem to agree on is the décor, this restaurant is a destination and no expense has been spared.

Paul Winch-Furness / Photographer

The private dining space, aptly named The Coral Reef Room, is suitably dramatic and awe-inspiring with the integral bar and two of the largest live coral reef tanks in the world. Whether the room is setup for a dinner for up to 48 people or a drinks reception for up to 60 people, there is only one word to describe it: stunning. From the furnishings and lighting to the custom-built bar and of course the two impressive fish tanks at each end of the room, the space requires you to take a moment or two to simply soak it all in.

The room is versatile and works equally well for a full room with 60 guests or a more intimate dinner for 10 people. The tanks create a wonderful talking point and atmosphere. As expected, the food did not disappoint. The flavours and ingredients live up to the surroundings and deliver delicious and delicate dishes.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to host an event in the Coral Reef Room, we suggest you make it your priority for 2017. Even the most well versed guest in the art of dining in London will struggle not to be impressed.

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