National Fragrance Day: Lick Me, I’m Delicious

A company as playful as its name: Lick Me, I’m Delicious, hosts a range of fantastic activities that bring a creative, fun element to any event. The Willy Wonka of the fragrance world: these magicians in perfumery have unlocked scents you would never expect. It’s the perfect way to entertain, clients, friends or family and to interact with different groups. A small disclaimer: you may end up smelling of bacon sandwich.

Having first encountered them at the Brewery in London for Halloween in 2016, the venue was decorated spectacularly with eerie writing on every wall, the room split dramatically into heaven and hell. From this decoration, you know you will not be disappointed by their choice of entertainment. Lick Me, I’m Delicious appeared to be a vibrant booth of vintage perfumes. But they were something quite different.

Having first requested the bacon sandwich bottle, mainly due to curiosity, we discovered it does not just smell of a bacon sandwich, but tastes like one too! Here at Villiers, we are a great fan of perfumery, but had never suspected how precisely they could mimic the scents of food.

1. Hero

Lick Me, I’m Delicious is a refreshing change to the traditional entertainment of an event. Expertly managed, they set up in under an hour and don’t even require power. If you’re looking to celebrate National Fragrance Day, you can’t go wrong with this fantastic option. Bespoke scents can be crafted on requests if you’re looking for a personalised experience.

The company’s founder Charlie says; “It just seemed so silly to me that you wear aftershave or perfume that smells amazing but then it tastes awful. Why not have fragrances that you can lick as well?”…and we couldn’t agree more!

This fantastic company has a large variety of other activities including: volcanoes of edible bubbles, instant logo lollipops, cheesecake flavoured popcorn and tipsy fountains of mojitos. A creative company we can’t resist.

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