London’s top 5 unusual Christmas party venues

Looking for a venue with a twist? Be transported to somewhere quite different with these unusual and quirky bars that show off London’s spirit. The themes bond everyone together through a unique experience which is perfect for a Christmas party.

1. Breaking Bad – ABQ London
If you feel like after binge watching Breaking Bad on Netflix that you’ve lived it, this bar is something else. Don a hazmat suit, cook up cocktails to a molecular level, expect them to foam, smoke or even change colour. These cocktails will be made up in fully kitted out RV. It would definitely make a different Christmas party.


2. Evan & Peel Detective Agency
Prep your case, you will be asked. Anything from a dastardly diamond heist to a Cluedo style murder. Make your way into Evans & Peels study and they will attempt to solve the case – if you’re lucky you will end up in their hidden speakeasy bar. A unique Christmas party from which you can tap into your creative side.

E&P 002

3. Cahoots
The bar is down in an abandoned railway station in which you can reserve a whole train carriage. You’ll be transported back in time to post war 1940’s Britain, complete with swing dancing and old piano. The cocktails are incredible coming in all shapes and sizes from a vintage kettle to milk jars. It would make an excellent Christmas party for some jolly good knees up!

Cahoots 0030

4. Mr Fogg’s Gin Tavern
This bar is designed around the adventurous traveller, Phileas Fogg, from Around the world in 80 days.” It’s a quirky old fashioned tavern, and if you go upstairs you’ll find a Gin Parlour & Salon. The Gin Parlour & Salon can be used for the Gin Safari, including tasting six different gins and two expertly made gin and tonics. Around the corner from Leicester Square tube station, this fun and kooky bar is perfect for a Christmas party.

Fogg Tavern 0026

5. The Dead Dolls House
After their success as a pop up, The Dead Dolls House restaurant and bar has found permanent residence in Islington. Taking up three floors in a town house, The Dead Dolls House is not the creepy dark place with a lot of dolls you’d expect. It’s light, lively and has far too many disco balls in some of the rooms. It’s a popular choice for many reasons and perfect for a Christmas party.


If you would like to discuss a different Christmas party idea, whether it’s for corporate or personal reasons, then please get in touch with our experts.