Top 5 Christmas party venues: Shoreditch

Christmas party in Shoreditch? Sounds like a sure thing. Home of creativity with the edgiest hotels and bars in London, and we love it. There are many unique finds in Shoreditch, including a bar with a wigwam on their roof. The cool themes, delicious food and wacky interiors are the reasons why Shoreditch never fails to impress. At Villiers, we would be delighted to help you plan your Christmas party whether its in Shoreditch or further afield.

1. Nightjar
Mysterious and exclusive as any speakeasy bars should be, Nightjar is as smooth as the name. Each drink is expertly made and displayed beautifully. The table service is flawless and the style seamless it’s the perfect atmosphere for a Christmas party.

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2. The Blues Kitchen
An effortlessly cool venue that has popped up in Shoreditch, Brixton and Camden, boasting big portions of incredible food and a lively atmosphere. Containing a range of incredible private rooms that include private DJ booths, banqueting tables and even a modern yet eclectic caravan. This venue is perfect for fans of blues, soul and rock and roll music. The Blues Kitchen focuses on three three B’s: Blues, BBQ and Bourbon.

3. The Curtain
To be unveiled in May this year, this private members club and hotel has everyone talking. But what’s behind the Curtain? A few hard hat tours have suggested we will not be disappointed. It’s a nod to Manhattan said to be a home for creative entrepreneurs in London.

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4. Ace Hotel
They have truly aced this hotel; its stylish, minimalist and very well lit. It also has unbelievable views of London from large floor to ceiling windows and a terrace. If you go downstairs there is a club called Miranda, frequently used for comedy nights. The Ace Hotel is just very cool (and no the thermostat isn’t broken).

5. Dinerama
A slightly different option, this is a large warehouse which has been converted into a street food vendors. We would go as far to  say it’s some of the most delicious street food in London. Upstairs, are private rooms available for hire and a series of different bars: everything from a Tiki Room to a sophisticated wine bar.

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If you would like to hear more on Christmas party venue ideas, get in touch as we’d love to discuss them. Click here to find out about Christmas party venues in the City and here for Christmas party venues in the West End.