Everything you need to know about NFL in London

The 2017 NFL International Series is back in London and this year NFL games have expanded to take place at both Wembley Stadium and Twickenham Stadium.

Each year, the NFL International Series pledges to be “bigger and better than before” and this year will be no exception. The series has gone from strength to strength since 2007, with NFL international games selling out at record speed. So why not experience the games from VIP hospitality for the chance to meet NFL players and cheerleaders after the game?

Why does the NFL International Series come to London?
The NFL International Series is about extending the leagues borders, appealing to people world-wide and as only 3% of the people in attendance at London’s NFL games have been American, it seems their aim has been successful. American football has never been more popular than it currently is, the NFL is a $9 billion initiative. From start to finish, the NFL International Series attempts to remain similar to the American experience with an electric atmosphere of spectators excited to get a slice of the action.

When is the NFL International Series coming to London?
The NFL International Series will come to London on 24th September and 1st October to play at Wembley Stadium. Twickenham Stadium will host games on 22nd October and 29th October. With both stadiums in the mix, this year competition will be rife to put on the best game.

Why get NFL International Series hospitality in London?
Wembley’s state of the art facilities make the stadium a spectacular sight, including the modern features of the hospitality facilities available. Whether you’re looking for a formal or informal experiences, find which hospitality is best suited to you. Experience the rare opportunity to talk with ex-NFL players for a post-match Q&A and even meet the famous NFL cheerleaders. why not indulge in the finest champagne, three-course fine dining menu and phenomenal entertainment with NFL hospitality? After the game, celebrate and commiserate with drinks and live music back in the comforts of your hospitality facility, as the perfect end to the perfect day out.

NFL at Wembley Stadium or Twickenham Stadium?
Wembley vs Twickenham, where will you get the ultimate experience of the NFL International Series this year? Both fantastic stadiums boast world-class facilities, panoramic views and first-class service that will never disappoint. The architecture of Twickenham Stadium creates a more intimate feeling in the grounds as if you are close to the action. However, Wembley’s state of the art stadium looks spectacular and provides an unrivalled viewing experience. For the glamour of NFL, the roar of Wembley Stadium’s 85,000 spectators provides an enthusiastic atmosphere and a grandeur to the occasion. Both stadiums offer fantastic viewing opportunities, so why not get in touch with our experts to see which NFL hospitality packages is most suited to you?

How to get hospitality to the NFL International Series in London?
Get in touch with the Villiers team! We strive to provide you with hospitality packages that are perfect for you. Whether you’re looking for client entertainment or to treat your friends and family, with service that tailored to you, our expert team ensures that your occasion runs flawlessly.

Talk to the Villiers expert team today to book your NFL International Series hospitality in London.