Album review: Rolling Stones’ Blue and Lonesome

At the end of 2016, the Rolling Stones amazed the world with a phenomenal new album of entirely blues covers called Blue and Lonesome. Their first studio album in over a decade had even the harshest Rolling Stones critics re-evaluating their stance. Blue and Lonesome is an act of love to the music that they built the band upon.

Claiming No.1 in the UK Charts, Blue and Lonesome is the band’s 12th No. 1 in the UK and as such a popular album, we’ve been speculating they will launch a Rolling Stones European tour to continue this labour of love. At Villiers, we provide you with premier access to VIP hospitality so you can enjoy the Rolling Stones next tour from the best seats in the house.

The Blue and Lonesome album was recorded over three days in British Grove Studios, West London, and features Eric Clapton. Perhaps, it’s the live element of the album that makes it so spectacular. An image of Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Charlie Watts and Ronnie Wood laughing as they jam together just like old times. Bonded over a shared love of the Blues tunes, that the members of the Rolling Stones know as well as their own greatest hits. The Blue and Lonesome album features music by Willie Dixon, Little Walter, Howlin’ Wolf and Buddy Johnson to name a few. The awe-inspiring guitar solos performed by Keith Richards transports you back in time. But what of an entire Blue and Lonesome European tour of Rolling Stones?

With over 300,000 sales across all platforms, the Rolling Stones new album was their first No.1 in the UK charts since 1994. A fantastic addition to their legacy included in the album are famous hits Commit a Crime, All of Your Love and I Can’t Quit You Baby, all of which have been praised by even the harshest critics. To see the Rolling Stones pay tribute to their music heroes would be a spectacular sight and why not soak up the full Rolling Stones experience with outstanding hospitality?

The inception of the Rolling Stones starts with blues music, Keith Richards and Mick Jagger running into each other on platform 2 at Dartford Station, Jagger clutching two blues LP’s under his arm. The Rolling Stones band name comes from the Muddy Waters famous song Rollin’ Stone. Fast-forward over half a decade and it seems the Rolling Stones are playing homage to their roots with Blue and Lonesome. When the next Rolling Stones tour is announced, support these legends by cheering them on from the comforts of hospitality

The Rolling Stones have never failed to fill out an arena as evident by the 50th anniversary Rolling Stones tour 50 & Counting for which tickets were highly coveted. We’re speculating they would play similar arena sized venues such as returning to the O2 Arena. For the release of the Blue and Lonesome album, the Rolling Stones iconic red lips logo was turned to electric blue. The logo, first appeared on the Rolling Stones 1971 Sticky Fingers album. Perhaps, this signals the Rolling Stones next tour would be something quite different. Could the Rolling Stones announce a performance at the hallowed Royal Albert Hall? Imagine watching the rock legends from a box at the Royal Albert Hall for a once-in-a-lifetime experience that will leave you speechless.

The Rolling Stones last completed a European tour with their 14 on Fire Tour in 2014. The Rolling Stone tour played the Telenor Arena in Oslo, Bela Vista Park in Portugal, Letizgrund Arena in Switzerland, Stade de France, Tele2 Arena in Stockholm and many others. The 5O & Counting 50th anniversary tour took the Rolling Stones to the O2 Arena. With a blues tour, would the Rolling Stones continue to play such vast stages or, would they combine their blues music and the Rolling Stones greatest hits and play more stadium stages for their next tour? At Villiers, we strive to provide you with the ultimate service in VIP hospitality so you can witness the Rolling Stones in style.

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