Royal Albert Hall’s Cirque du Soleil experience

Wonder and mystery is executed expertly with the Royal Albert Hall’s incredible Cirque du Soleil experience.

For an experience like no other, witness the magic of Cirque du Soleil’s new show OVO at the Royal Albert Hall. Enjoy the first glimpse of the critically acclaimed show OVO that will be performed in the UK for the first time early 2018.

Bringing the joys and amazement of the circus back, Cirque du Soleil never fails to create a captivating show. The masters of contortion and theatre will see acrobats fly through the air as you hold your breath apprehensively from the best vantage point.

OVO | Cirque du Soleil | Royal Albert Hall

The show OVO is a family friendly production based on ecosystems that boast a variety of wildlife. Svetlana Delouse, a member of the cast, says that it’s a “very sweet story” of nature and love. ‘Ooh and ahh’ in the right places as Cirque du Soleil demonstrates another thrilling and emotive show. OVO showcases the importance of teamwork as these artists strive to create the perfect show.

Cirque du Soleil aims to connect their audiences through shared emotion, through their acrobats, costumes and enchanting music. The Cirque du Soleil experience is perfect for bonding people together whether with friends and family or corporate guests. Find out more about Cirque du Soleil corporate hospitality today.

For those who haven’t seen Cirque du Soleil shows before they will be amazed by what this expect casts can do. Many of the Cirque du Soleil’s cast are Olympic athletes and well-known sporting professionals who have been masterly trained to entice people into Cirque’s mysterious world.

Box Hospitality at Cirque du Soleil's Amaluna at the Royal Albert Hall

Where could be better to enjoy the Cirque du Soleil experience than the iconic Royal Albert Hall? Known for providing every luxury, the Royal Albert Hall is one of London’s most treasured venues and with a rich history, the Royal Albert Hall never fails to add glamour and sophistication to every occasion.

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Give your closest acquaintances an evening they will never forget as they experience the extraordinary and remarkable world of Cirque. For the ultimate Cirque du Soleil experience, get in touch today!