Top 6 private dining rooms in Chelsea

Home to London’s elite and part of London where luxury is a basic expectation. Showcasing the finest restaurants and some of the most beautiful private dining rooms in London is Chelsea. Here we bring you a few of our favourites, all perfect for your next occasion or celebration. Find out more on Villiers venue finding, and private dining.

1) Daphne’s
Daphne’s is hugely popular, attracting clientele from all over to taste their sumptuous Italian dishes. Daphne’s private dining room is a clever combination of beautiful pastel shades and pale pink flowers contrast perfectly with the lemon-yellow chairs. Chef Michael Brown’s fresh and seasonal foods attracts vast crowds, and why not enjoy these phenomenal flavours in summer with the retractable roof down for an alfresco feel? For a truly beautiful private dining room and excellent gourmet food, Daphne’s will exceed every expectation.

Private dining rooms in Chelsea | Venue Finding | Chelsea

2) The Ivy Chelsea Garden
The chic Ivy Chelsea Garden is designed to bring the outdoors in, with a stylised finish that gives the room a summery and light glamour. The design and delicious foods guarantee a star-studded clientele, in fact the Ivy Chelsea Garden has been met with such enthusiasm that it’s frequently found to be fully booked, much to the dismay of their regular patrons. The colourful Ivy Chelsea Garden private dining room is filled with tropical and botanical prints and a golden finish, the daring choices works beautifully in the rooms favour. Whether you’re looking for The Ivy’s private room to enjoy an occasion with friends, family or clients, you can rest assured you will not be left disappointed.

Chelsea Ivy Garden | Private dining rooms in Chelsea | Venue Finding | Chelsea

3) The Bluebird
The Bluebird has recently been revamped and is even more spectacular than before and, it has four private dining rooms that vary in style and formality that appeals for a variety of requests. The Bluebird room has its own private entrance and its own cocktail bar that ensure your every need is catered for. After a delicious meal, enter the lively main restaurant of the Bluebird that has an energetic buzz around the room.

The Bluebird | private dining room in Chelsea | Venue finding

4) Beaufort House
Beaufort House is one of the most popular venues in Chelsea, a private members club over four floors with a champagne bar in the penthouse and an exclusive cocktail bar on the ground floor. The Club Room in is an intimate private dining room that has a neutral décor that is light and charming, the perfect backdrop for a friendly meal for up to 20 people and why not enjoy a delicious champagne cocktail with fine dining?

Beautfort House | Club Room | Private dining room in Chelsea | Venue Finding

5) The Saatchi Gallery
Inside one of the most prestigious galleries in London is a beautiful private dining room called Gallery Mess. Seating people from 10-80 people depending on the set up of the room, the Gallery Mess is incredibly light and provides the perfect backdrop for an impressive evening. The exposed crisp white walls and the art displays add to the sophisticated ambience of the space. Before the meal, wander out onto the relaxed al fresco terrace and sip from a perfectly chilled glass of champagne.

The Saatchi Gallery | Gallery Mess | Private dining room |

6) Bumpkin
For an informal private dining room in Chelsea, Bumpkin’s private dining room’s charming feel is the perfect solution. The mismatched chair, dark wooden bar and rustic features create a countryside feel in London. The fantastic food and buzzing atmosphere makes Bumpkin a pleasure to dine in. Light and friendly, Bumpkin seems the perfect private dining for any celebration, whether it’s private dining for a Christmas luncheon or a summer party.

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