Technology in the events industry

For many people in the events industry, its the infinite possibilities and the flexible nature of the position which draw people in. And as we have the luxury to live in a time where technology is constantly changing, the events industry has embraced these exciting technological advances.

Each of these new technologies, work to streamline how we experience events making the processes slicker and more sophisticated than ever before. Get in touch to find out more on incorporating technology into your next event or, to talk to our Venue Finding team today!

1) Rotten Wifi
One of the biggest complaints in the events industry is untrustworthy WiFi and with hundreds of delegates in one venue, using more technology than ever before, the importance of strong WiFi cannot be understated. Rotten WiFi is a start-up company that checks the internet speed at your site inspection and it will see how the WiFi will cope with a large number of attendees. From the app, you can see what other event professionals have rated the WiFi at each venue.

2) Linkedin Business cards
A lot of events industry business is entrusted by the handing over of a small paper business card. Business cards go missing easily, time consuming to enter in an index and frequently collected at the bottom of event profs desk draws. However, a new app has made them a thing of the past. Simply touch phones and watch as your LinkedIn information and contact details are passed over in seconds.

3) Boomset
Registration at an event can sometimes seem rather stale, queuing and hoping the people behind the table know how to spell your name. With Boomset, you can enjoy the fastest registration yet. Simply snap a selfie and your event registration is on the way.

4) Instant polling
We’ve all seen the emails going around, asking for feedback on an event, speaker or product. With online polling, guests can feedback instantly at an event, their responses projected on a larger screen that a speaker can question, discuss, and generally respond to. Companies such as Slido or Glisser Excel at adding to the experience of live audience response systems.

5) Virtual reality
Dominating industries across many sectors, virtual reality uses the latest technology to project 3D imagery from a headset. Allowing you to experience your site inspections in seconds by plugging in to the venue in seconds. Saving you travelling to the destination, only to be disappointed. One can now look around all of the Shangri La hotels within moments. With the Shangri La VR 360-degree tours available for download.

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