Robert Plant teases Led Zeppelin fans with new music!

For many Led Zeppelin fans, it hasn’t escaped their notice that the Led Zeppelin 50th anniversary takes place in 2018 and Robert Plant’s website ( has certainly kept fans on their toes. Sign up to the Villiers mailing list and put yourself in the know about Led Zeppelin hospitality and VIP tickets, should a tour be announced. 

Earlier on this year, Robert Plant’s website posted three words, “Any Time Now…” and the rest of the page was left completely blank. The rumour mill began to spin, was this confirmation of Robert Plant’s new solo music? Or possibly a Led Zeppelin reunion tour in 2018? And the excited chatter seemed so close to an announcement, but nothing happened until June.

The page was updated to say, “A Way with Words…”, certainly a cryptic message that also featured on his Facebook and Twitter pages. But there was nothing in the way of an explanation.

This week, the words updated and animated with a small piece of music added in. From which people took to twitter to suggest surely this meant an update was imminent. Was this new music coming from Robert Plant? Or possibly the creation of the members of Led Zeppelin?

Robert Plant’s ‘A Way With Words’ campaign has certainly built up tension, but the words meaning must be moments away from being revealed. The majority of the public believes a Robert Plant tour will be announced with new music. It will be Robert Plant’s first new music since 2014 when he released his 10th solo album “Lullaby and…The Ceaseless Roar”.

However, a select few believe that the 28 second clip is confirmation of Led Zeppelin returning to the recording studio to create new music and honour band member John Bonham. Imagine seeing Led Zeppelin in 2018 at Wembley Stadium, certainly a dream come true for many Led Zeppelin fans.

Last year, Led Zeppelin released a ‘Complete BBC Sessions’ including a single never heard but apart from its broadcast in 1969. Included in the Led Zeppelin BBC Sessions was the hit “I Can’t Quit You Baby” and “Stairway to Heaven.” A Led Zeppelin reunion performance would likely see the band play yet more of these anthems.

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