Venue in focus: Quaglino’s

The glittering jewel of D&D London’s restaurant group, Quaglino’s. The charm of a French brasserie but with the style and polish of one of London’s most popular restaurants. As experts in what they do, head to Quaglino’s for a masterclass in fine dining.

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What is it?
Underneath busy Mayfair, head down a glamorous golden stairway straight to the grand central bar. Surrounding the bar is the intimately lit dining room serving up a wide arrange of delectable gourmet cuisine. Recently refurbished by D&D London, when Quaglino’s first opened George V was on the thrown (1929). Over the years, an eclectic crowd of Royalty, socialites and celebrities have wandered through its doors.

Main Quaglinos Image

Where is it?
In the West end of London, down the road from the Ritz and Fortnum and Masons. Quaglino’s address is: 16 Bury Street, London, SW1Y 6AJ. It is less than a five minute walk from Green Park Station and a six minute walk from Piccadilly Circus.


Why we love it?
Quaglino’s provides a vintage glamour to every occasion, with the sweeping central staircase, the live music, and the rich use of reds and golds. Step straight out of London’s streets into a Parisian style eatery serving up the finest steaks for miles. 80’s art décor has been meticulously weaved into the venues décor adds a sense of nostalgia and familiarity. Quaglino’s provides an escape from a modernised London, to a bygone golden time and that’s why it’s so unanimously adored.


How does the private dining work?
Overlooking the main bar and restaurant, a terrace balcony leads to two spectacular private dining rooms. From there you and your guests can sip Champagne whilst listening to the live band perform, before escaping to your very own private space.

There are two private dining rooms available, The Prince of Wales room that can seat up to 40 guests or host 60 guests standing, this private dining is filled with sleek art décor features. The second, more intimate private dining room is the Giovanni Room seating up to 14 guests.


Each private dining room’s menus are carefully created by Quaglino’s expert chef James Hulme and the wine selected by genius sommelier, Bavand Foroughi.

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