Frequently Asked Questions

What is an incentive trip?
An incentive trip, also known as incentive travel, is a business tool designed to motivate people to become more successful. The Society of Travel Excellence (SITE) define incentive travel as ‘a global management tool that uses an exceptional travel experience to motivate and/or recognize participants for increased levels of performance in support of organizational goals”. Incentive trips are often associated with staff rewards; however, they are also great for building relationships with clients or strengthening bonds with friends and family. Incentive programmes can include travel, team building activities, away days, celebration dinners and more.

What are the benefits of incentive travel?
Creating a lasting positive memory is much more powerful than a financial reward which often gets used to pay bills. Incentive trips are a great way to motivate employees and reward them which leads to happy employees. Incentives also cultivate an effective and productive company culture, co-workers become team mates and create memorable experiences together. This is particularly important today with more and more companies operating offices globally.

Why book your incentive trip with Villiers?
With so many different incentive agencies to choose from we understand it can be hard to choose the right one for you. We believe in a partnership with you where we add value to your incentive through our pre-trip planning, programme delivery and our excellent knowledge and expertise. An incentive trip is a large investment to you in time and money so we leverage our partnerships with suppliers and our knowledge to deliver the best programme for you. We are fully transparent with costs, there are no hidden charges. We are constantly updating our venue and destination knowledge as we simply don’t do average!

What is included in your incentive trips?
We are an extension of your team and can do as much or as little as you require us to. With the years of knowledge we have acquired, we are here to save you time and money. Our service can include destination and venue sourcing, on-site management, travel and transfers, activities, customised delegate management systems, health and safety assessments and feedback systems. You decide how much you want from us. We can create an all-encompassing incentive trip programme or, simply source the destinations and venues.

Do you offer bespoke incentive travel programmes?
All our incentive travel programmes can be tailored to you and your requirements. All elements of an incentive trip can be changed to suit you. We ask a lot of questions at the start but that is only to ensure we provide you with suitable options to fit within your budget and exceed your expectations.

How long do the incentive trips you plan normally last?
Incentives on average last from 2-4 days. We have created previous incentives which have lasted 1 day and others which have been for almost 1 week. The length of the incentive programme is entirely up to you. We can help guide you in relation to your budget and destination. Not many want to travel for 12 hours on a plane only to have 1 night at the chosen destination.

What is the ROI on incentive travel programmes?
ROI is measured in many ways for incentive trips. We firmly believe that incentives result in increased loyalty (staff and clients), bonding and relationship opportunities and an increase in motivation.

Are your incentive travel programmes all-inclusive?
An incentive travel programme can be as inclusive as you want it to be. We have run incentive trips where everything was agreed and paid for upfront ensuring there were no extra costs post event. Other times, we have created incentives which allow for flexibility on the day itself with components such as activities, food and drink. We always discuss the budget with you in advance so that if there are extras to pay, these won’t come as a shock.

What size groups do you work with?
We have experience in working with groups of all sizes. We have run intimate and exclusive retreats and celebrations for 4 people, to large scale incentive programmes for 500 guests.

What destinations do you cover?
Our expertise is Europe, Africa and Asia but we do create incentive programmes all over the world. We have no affiliations with hotels or suppliers allowing us to always offer the best deal for you. We do have some fantastic relationships with suppliers around the world which you will benefit from.

Do you have a registration tool?
Yes! We can create a custom registration website and app for your incentive trip which your guests can access 24/7 before, during and after the event.

Do you assist with travel documents – visa, insurance etc.?
We can help you with all documents. Through our trusted partners we can often make the visa application process quicker and easier.