London Stadium Hospitality

The former Olympic stadium: London Stadium at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park is no stranger to housing legends since being built for the 2012 Olympics.

The stadium has developed into a state of the art music venue hosting the biggest artists for unforgettable legendary performances.

Stratford has the rare appeal for a London venue of excellent acoustics that are unchallenged by some of London’s infamous noise pollution. The sun shines down on London Stadium: while you watch the plethora of world-class artists from Robbie Williams to Guns and Roses that they will be accommodating this summer. There’s no better place to see these iconic artists perform. The cutting-edge design of London Stadium never fails to deliver an exemplary experience.

At Villiers, we’re excited for this new venue to have become established as an essential fixture in the music scene. London Stadium demonstrates no expense spared in creating first class hospitality: featuring futuristic technology to provide you and your guests with an unbeatable experience in music. The world-class gourmet foods, and the selection of finest beverages are just the start with the London Stadium VIP hospitality. Get in touch today to discover London Stadium hospitality packages.